Technology Meets Reliability  
Schneider Electric: Schneider Electric India Pvt, Ltd, : The global giant Schneider Electric is today a leader in Electrical Distribution, Industrial Control and automation. The product range includes. MCB, RCCB, DB,s, ACB, MCCB, SFU, Contractors etc.

Constant innovation and an unwillingness to compromise has positioned Schneider Electric as the world leader in its field.
Enerpact™, the latest in air circuit breakers from •Merlin Gerin symbolizes the best of Schneider Electric.
A product of cutting- edge R&D from the Merlin Gerin team, Enerpact™ is designed to excel in Indian conditions.
It’s passed the most stringent quality tests, and also goes well past the most exacting Merlin Gerin worldwide standards. But that isn’t the only reason that sets Enerpact™ apart from ordinary air circuit breakers.

Besides the Merlin Gerin hallmark of international quality, Enerpact™ comes with a host of benefits: It offers greater safety and reliability, no matter what the conditions. It gives precise, 100% fail-safe protection for your expensive unit. It is ungradable, should your needs change in the future.
And above all else, it is user-friendly, once you fit it, you’ll forget it’s even there.
Enerpact™ comes with various auxiliaries and accessories, to suit every king of allocation.
In short, Enerpact™ offers dependability, safety and ease-of-use, just the right combination of qualities for a world-class air circuit breaker!
Enerpact™. Technology you can trust!

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