Rallison a renowned name in cables & wires. As ISO 9002 Co. is certified by DOT, FIA, TAC, BIS, LRRI, UL, CSA, ICE. This plant has been equipped with the latest and most modern plant, machinery acquired from all over the world. They have one of the best laboratories in the country.
Rallison’s PVC power and control cables make a big difference wherever they are installed. They don’t merely deliver power, they do so with maximum efficiency and security. This is what distinguishes the standard conventional cables, cables of special construction and cables for specialised applications manufactured at the Rallison plant spread over 30,000 sq. feet. The quality of this range of low transmission wires/cables earned third party guarantees and ISI marks even before the company won ISO-9002 certification.
Making it possible is the company’s management of manpower, machines and materials. Since its inception in 1985, modern methods of manufacturing and marketing have welded technology and teamwork with quality control and professionalism, to produce the better cable.
Right from raw materials, built-in quality control systems check every stage of production. Indian and international standards are met even before the cables emerge from advanced facilities. The finished products are then measured by the most critical test of all: the highly competitive market place. Success in that supercharged environment is the ultimate proof of the quality of Rallison cables.
“Rallison” flexible wires and cords are manufactured as per IS:694/1990 with latest amendments.

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